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Main Street Radiology

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Location:136-25 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY
Contract Amount: $2.5 million
Architect: The COR Group

ICS Builders served as general contractor for a cutting-edge radiology and imaging facility for Main Street Radiology. The 5,350-square foot health center consists of a 4,800-square foot main treatment area and a lobby located on the second floor, a 400-square foot mechanical room, and a 120-square foot electrical room. The project encompassed demolition of the pre-existing space, structural reinforcement, complete interior fit-out, installation of all medical equipment and systems, construction of a shaft for a new hydraulic elevator, and installation of MEP and security/fire alarm systems. The completed center features a lobby/reception area; a waiting room; dedicated rooms for MRI, CT Scan, Radiation Frequency, X-Ray, mammography, and ultrasound procedures; changing rooms; five restrooms; and a staff room. The finishes include a vaulted ceiling in the lobby; hard and suspended ceilings; intricate soffit work; millwork and cabinetry; marble, hardwood, carpet, tile, and linoleum flooring; wallcovered and painted walls; sconce lighting fixtures and ceiling fixtures for non-ferrous lighting in treatment rooms; and window blinds and treatments. The team installed lead-lined walls, ceilings, and doors in radiation areas. ICS also built a new entrance lobby, new mechanical and electrical rooms, a new 80-square foot electrical vault for 16-Amper power supply, repaired a parking surface, and installed a new 4,000-square foot suspended tile ceiling above the parking. The new MEP systems include a 5-ton rooftop Schreiber chiller unit dedicated to the MRI machine, a 10-ton Skymark chilled water unit, all ductwork, new taps into the building’s heating system, and new waste drainage.

The major challenge of the project was to devise a method to securely deliver and install extremely heavy medical machinery to the building’s second floor. The team cut out the second floor slab and steel joists above the ground level parking to create a 15’ by 8’ opening. The steel elements of the structural slab were re-supported with I-beams. The workers installed a temporary support along the entire pathway between the opening and the final destinations of the CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound equipment. The floors in the future treatment rooms were reinforced with an additional foot of concrete. The equipment was then elevated with a forklift through the opening in the floor, set on rollers, and installed in final locations. Upon completion of this operation, the opening was closed and workers installed permanent support elements beneath the areas with increased loads.